Jackie Weiss -Testdrive with the new Rotax RM1

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jackie Weiss - Testdrive at the Xplex Racetrack in Las Vegas with the new Rotax Racekart RM1

From the FR 125 MAX kart engine to the complete RM1 Kart, BRP-Rotax is the future of karting.
BRP-Rotax is passionate about karting. That's why Rotax can't be limited to engines alone. BRP-Rotax provides complete kart systems exclusively, in which engine, gearbox, brakes, chassis, tires and bodywork are symbiotically linked for the ultimate in dynamic performance.
Since ROTAX began designing kart engines 20 years ago, they have consistently set new benchmarks for kart performance, safety and user-friendliness.
The dream kart, built for speed. The RM1 Kart embodies these qualities, forming the complete kart for the ambitious kart enthusiast. The engine used in the RM1 is the new 125 MAX direct drive. This revolutionary engine is chainless, eliminating the need for chain service, lubrication or adjustment and enhancing safety. The 2-speed gearbox is shifted from the steering wheel, bringing the maximum power of 32 HP to the tarmac. With this new package, ROTAX has redefined performance, safety and maintenance standards.

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